Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Update on Curbside Recycling

Citizens of Greenville:

I do not think you realize that we are on the brink of something amazing and transforming for this small metropolis that we reside within. There is more than a small chance, or should I say, there is a greater chance than not, or again, there is a definite possibility that at the next regularly scheduled City Council meeting in October, your council members will vote on and pass curbside recycling!!!!! Go back and read that sentence a few times if you need to. Yes, it was long and confusing. But it did state that curbside might be coming to Greenville as early as Oct.

Can you believe this??????? I know that's right (These sentences are to be said using the voice of Veggie Tales Mr. Lunt. I apologize to those that may not have children and do not understand this reference.)

Here are some facts that you may or may not realize:

The bins by the tracks are now single stream. This means you can put whatever recyclables you want, including cardboard, into any of the openings. It is OK to mix these recyclables. I know it feels strange and wrong, but it is OK.

Next, if we do indeed get curbside, it will also be singlestream. This means you will not have to sort at all, but simply dump your recyclables into your 46 gallon tub of love. (for the planet)

If we do get curbside, the bins by the tracks will go away. I know that other folks from other communities drive in and use these, however, they are maintained by the city and intended for City use. The increase in recycling by community members will more than make up for this loss of people recycling from outside the city.

For those outside the city, the Bond County Board will hopefully be using some of that tipping fee for these people. Hopefully, once Greenville gets clear on how it will proceed, the Board can move forward to help provide better and closer recycling facilities to other communities in Bond Co. So everyone will win and move ahead a bit.

Currently there is about 2,000 pounds of recycling a week going to QRS from the bins by the tracks. If we move to curbside, it is estimated that there will be not 2,0000 but 20,000!!! pounds of recycling going to QRS and not to our landfill.

Yes, this will decrease the amount of money that the Bond Co. Board receives in tipping fees. As less trash gets put in the landfill, less revenue will come. However, the revenue was put in place to help forward recycling, which is what it will be doing. So that would be good news. It was not put in place just to have revenue for the County, indefinitely.

The City is paying $75 every time the bins are being hauled down to St. Louis (QRS) to be emptied. So...we as citizens are already paying for recycling. Many just don't realize this fact. Now, some opponents say, "why can't we just keep doing what we are doing and empty the bins more often?" The more you empty the bins, the more it will cost the city. In fact, if recycling increased and the City emptied the bins once a day, yes, it might equal about 20,000 pounds of recycling, but it would also costs about the same as curbside. When you factor in the fact that despite good intentions, the bin doesn't always get emptied like it should, and that we are all burning gas to come to and fro, and that more folks would recycle if they had the convenience of doing it at home, it's just better to go curbside.

Let's not forget the contamination factor. It's a lot easier to throw in a TV or carpet, or hypodermic needles when the bins are down by the tracks, than it is to put it in a tub that will be picked up. It would be much easier to track, and fine offenders for this type of thing. Also, we wouldn't have to see trash and plastic blowing around by the tracks anymore.

The current trash rate you are now paying would be frozen for another five years if curb side recycling is added to the trash. Yes, that's an extra 4.25 per month, but no increase in trash for five more years. That covers the rate of inflation normally occurring. Don't forget what was mentioned above, that you are already paying for recycling in your taxes and such, as the City pays for the bins being emptied that are by the tracks.

I've not gone into any moral implications of our actions or creation care, but tried to just stick with some of the facts. Folks, it's just the right thing to do and to support. If you haven't already, contact the council members and let them know that you are on board. (find names and emails for council members in my Aug. 15th post) They are trying to move this city forward. Let's support them, this community, and the planet.

Questions anyone?

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