Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day 2009

I think it's great to have an Earth day, because it reminds us all of what we have and what there is to do to improve on what we have. But. . . it is a little absurd to have a day for the Earth when every day we are on it, walking around receiving it's bounty, receiving the oxygen, getting help with the whole gravity thing and actually staying on the ground. Thus every day is Earth Day. Anywho. . .

In case you were wondering what I was doing on Earth Day, I'll just tell you. I decided in the late morning to just make it a day to do errands for the Earth. So, I squeezed in some "to dos" that had been languishing about in my "to do" pile, that had everything to do with this earth.

These tasks were the kind, you know what I'm talking about, that you don't really want to do, because you aren't too sure how it will go. But, being Earth Day, I felt galvanized to proceed despite all manner of insecurities or negative thinking.

First, I took a trip to our local paper, the Greenville Advocate (to Advocate) (I always have to say that, because for some reason I get pleasure out of this and think it's funny - don't know why). I boldly entered there in and asked for a spot in which to have some kind of regular post about recycling and Greenville, a way to disseminate information to the public. Well, I was met with lukewarm energy. Apparently they did not know about this Earth Day energy that I had discovered. I was asked to leave my name and number.

Next, lightened somewhat by getting a long, overdue task done, I decided to do something else. Later that morning I walked over to our fine (no sarcasm here. I LOVE this place!) local library. The front desk was uncharacteristically unmanned, so I watched the security cam until I located the librarian. I proceeded to said librarian and boldly asked for a spot/shelf/space in which to place information about local recycling. The response was much more welcoming, which was very exciting, and I was told of a shelf in the entery way. I excitedly went to see this new beacon of promise that would help our community. I'm not sure, but I think it ended up being the metal stand when you come in the door, that already contains other flyers/pamphlets/various things. I had a twinge of disappointment, mainly because I had never noticed this stand before at all and I go there a lot. But then I said to myself, "No, self. This is a fine spot and people will find information here." Also, I thought about the old foot in the door thing. Perhaps a reading list, or bookmarks, or fun projects to do with trash could be placed there until we were graciously asked to come in and have an inner shelf! It could happen.

So, two down, several more to go. Alas, I ran out of time on this Earth Day 2009, but since the Earth will be here tomorrow, and it will be sustaining me then too, I can do my tasks tomorrow and still feel the Earth Day energy! Yeah!

As a side, I did watch Opera's Earth Day show while exercising. So that counts some too, doesn't it? She showed footage of the floating plastic the size of Texas in the Pacific. Yep. It was astounding.

As the day winds down, and I am just now wrapping up this post at almost 10:00pm, I am feeling sadness for our consumption rate, for our high turnover rate of products to trash, and for the devistation that goes on each and every day in the name of progress and economy and rights to happiness and whatever else we might want, right now!

I am also, however, filled with hope. You see, if I can be changed in one day, re-energized to act, just by a rememberance of the glory and blessing all around us that the earth provides each and every day, despite us, then others can be too. The problems we face are monumental, but not so big if we would all just take little tiny steps. We can be an army when we are arm and arm together.

Finally, I feel the feeling you get when you spend a night camping outside, or watching a sunset, or when you hear the crickets at dusk on a warm summer's night. It's the "I love this earth" feeling, it's the "warm in your bed with a book" feeling, it's the "smelling your child's wet hair after a bath while they are giving you the world's biggest hug" feeling. It's just an awareness, I guess, of how much we have, how much we are blessed, how much we are held and carried on this planet by God, through nature. . .

Good night on this Earth Day 2009
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