Thursday, July 23, 2009

Emergancy Public Service Announcement

Dear community, curbside recycling is currently being considered for our community. The editor of the Advocate, Jeff Leidel, has issued a challenge for all citizens to let their voices be heard on this important matter. City Council members are waiting to hear from the community. The main controversy is that it would be mandatory and 4/5 extra dollars on your trash bill (just like trash is mandatory). This issue will be on the August 11 city council meeting agenda. Please let your voices be heard on this matter however you feel. Now is our chance to create great change for Greenville and for the health of our selves and our planet. Be involved, it matters what you think – and do.

We may not get a chance like this again to effect so much change for our community!
We need to convince the City Council that people in Greenville really are interested in recycling!

  • Things you can do:
  • Send emails to David Willey and Council Members
  • Call David Willey, City Manager
  • Walk in and ask to speak with David Willey or any council members
  • Talk to your mayor, Alan Gaffner, email or send a letter
  • Write a letter to the editor of the Advocate, Jeff Leidel
  • Talk to your friends and neighbors

Alan Gaffner, Mayor -

Kenny Hampton, City Council Member -

Dr. Will Boyd, City Council Member -

Matt Roadman, City Council Member -

Roger Sanders, City Council Member - (this one may bounce)

David Willey, City Manager -
David Willey phone # 618-664-1644 Cell # 267-1643

Friday, July 17, 2009

Your Local Greenie Emerges Again to Blog

Hello all of my 10 fans and followers! It's been a while since I've posted at all, but you can be assured I was working for you out there in the trenches. Also, I was starting a NFP. Just a little busy. I realize this is no excuse for my hermit like behavior and I recommit to blogging regularly, along with getting to bed earlier, drinking more water, and exercising daily.

I have news, well, huge news, that might get you very excited, and it contains the words "curbside" in it. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I said it, curbside, curbside, curbside!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK. Here is the scoop which I can give to you since it was somewhat dished out already at the last City Council meeting on the 14th. David Willey has been working hard on getting a contract together with someone (don't know if I can say since he didn't say) for curbside recycling. I do know most of the details, but as not to put the kibosh on any negotiations, I will stick to information given at said meeting. The curbside would be weekly, for about 5/month on your trash/water bill. You would be given at no charge, a 46 gallon bin with wheels for your recyclables. This bin would be used to single stream everything but glass! OK, now you may pause to do a recycling shimmy or gig or rock step! If you were watching this meeting on channel 3 (which, hello, I didn't even know they televised) you may have seen some dancing from myself and Andrea, my recycling buddy. NOTE: It's healthy and appropriate to express our emotions when they can not be contained, by using appendages such as arms and legs to move in various directions, often to imagined beats, conveying that there is feeling within ourselves that must be released.

Before you get too excited, negotiations are still going regarding commercial facilities in town. Also, this item would then be advertised and put on the agenda for community discussion, then voted on the next month. There will be opposition for this! We must band together to send letters to the editor, write letters of appreciation to the city manager, and in general let our voices be heard that it is a good and much needed service for our community and the world.

The good news is that a core 401 Greenville College group did a survey of our community and the results were in favor of recycling and curbside. Also the stats were high for those willing to pay for this service. I just happened to have a copy that I gave to Dave Willey to use for his publicity facts. He did so during the meeting. . . so Yeah Core 401!!

Now is the time for prayer, AND action. Look for some kind of splash about this news in Tuesday's paper! Now is the time to get motivated and act and make your voice heard. Let's push this through together!

Remember what is at stake. and . . .

What if . . . you had curbside, single stream recycling! Get going!! Get, and go get your pen and paper!!