Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Mystery of the Glass Dumpster Has Been Solved!!

I know that this title sounds intriguing, but I'm afraid you may be disappointed with the actual excitement level of the post. However, before you get too bummed out, do know that to our family it was a great mystery, and there was much joy upon it's solving!

I have been telling everyone to take their glass recyclables to Edwardsville and place them gently (na, you can chuck them too) into the bin in the Home Depot lot, close to the highway. We, in fact, had done this on more than one occasion, but to our great dismay, the next three times we hauled our growing supply of glass up to Edwardsville, the dumpster - alas - was not there!

We were devastated, dejected, depleted, and discombobulated. What could have become of this dumpster? Where did it go when it wasn't there? Did it travel to different spots? Was it a game? What cruel twist of fate could tear away the one place to recycle glass after such a short time of enjoying it's bountiful bin-ness?

OK - I'll get to the point. We were going to Edwardsville again, and again I loaded a lot of glass into our van. Then it occurred to me, "call someone." It was a great moment in mommy thinking. So after calling Home Depot, then the City Clerk of Edwardsville, then Allied Waste, I had my answer. It was a gripping response that made me exclaim, "Oh."

The bin that recycles glass belongs to Madison Co. and it is placed in the Home Depot lot M-F, but NOT, I repeat, NOT on the weekends. The mystery was solved.

BTW - Nice folks in the Clerk's office in Edwardsville and at Allied Waste. They referred me as well to their site,, in which they list all their recycling opportunities, where they are and when they will be available. They also list what is acceptable at their drop sites. I love that they have to put "no dirty diapers" on their site. Yuck! They also have a kids recycling page that is a must to check out with your kiddos. It features Rikki, a recycling raccoon, mascot of the Madison County Recycing Program. Look for other events as well - like computer drop off days, etc.

PS - You can take those energy saver light bulbs, the ones with mercury in them, to the Home Depot while you are recycling your glass. There is a box near the registers in the front of the store that you put them-also very gently (for real). Ask for help if you can't find the box.

This is George excited by the answer to the Glass Mystery! "It's solved, solved I say!!!!!!!"

(It's not him saying that, really. It's just a stock "crazy photo" of my husband that has come in handy for lots of different things. :') I'm such a good wife.)
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