Friday, November 18, 2011

Green Wave Recycling Event in Greenville!

Hello my greenie friends. Alas, I am still breathing the fresh air of this amazing planet, Earth.
I hope that this post finds you still recycling and trying to live as greenly as possible. :)
December 2 (9am-5pm) and 3 (9am-1pm), in Greenville there will be a computer recycling event/electronics recycling event at the Bond County Highway Department located at 1405 South Fourth Street, in Greenville!
This is free!
Some items to be recycled include: calculators, cameras, cell phones, computers, computer equipment, peripherals, monitors, keyboards, cords and cables, copy machines, printers, fax machines, televisions, microwaves, small appliances (no refrigerators or AC units), batteries, VCRs and more... A/C adapters, ink, toner, mainframes, medical devices, metal scrap, mice (computer that is), security equipment, servers, server cabinets, software, stereo equipment, telephones, UPS/battery backups,....
Please do NOT bring: paint, oil, light bulbs, refrigerators, chemicals, AC units, glass bottles.
If you have any more questions about this wonderful event, please contact:
the Bond County Health Department, 618-664-1442, ex. 149
Thanks so much to Tom Melvin for getting this event going, and for caring about our earth!
Now get into those basements and sheds and attics and start digging, because you know that you have this stuff sitting around. Now is your chance to recycle IT ALLLLLLL (say in somewhat excited, maniacal voice). :)